Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acid Mothers Temple and the Flying Butter Elephants of Doom

Yesterday I mentioned seeing the Sisters of Mercy. They were playing on the same night that Acid Mothers Temple were visiting Dublin for the first time in ages. Deciding which to see was something of a dilemma, but we resolved it by travelling down to Cork the next day and seeing them play an afternoon gig there. And it was a free gig, meaning that we easily recouped the cost of overnight accommodation, train travel, and a slap up feed in the wonderful Café Paradiso.

The Japanese sensations provided us with all kinds of astonishing guitar freakoutery that must be broadly familiar to anyone who has seen them before. As it has been quite some time since they last trod the boards in Ireland, I had almost forgotten how good 'La Novia' is. For younger readers, this is the one where they take an Occitanian folk tune from the south of France and start it off with throat singing vocal harmonies, before adding in loads of guitars for the traditional freakoutery. The start of the piece sends tingles down my spine every time, partly because their record links it to the unfortunate history of the Albigensian religious community in the south of France.

Acid Mothers Panda

An inuit panda production

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