Wednesday, December 31, 2008

v/a "Playin' Hard to Get: West Coast Girls"

This is a compilation of music by semi-anonymous girl groups from the USA's west coast, a present from me to my beloved on her birthday. The best track is 'You Haven't Seen Nothing Till You've Seen My New Boyfriend' by Dee Dee Young. Her new boyfriend is something else, apparently, though, as this track was originally released in the mid-1960s, I bet he is not up to much now. The album as a whole is an enjoyable confection of teen drama.

This is on some reissue label called Ace. They look like they are a bit less of a dodgy hole-in-the-wall operation than that now defunct Radioactive lot – the record includes sleevenotes and claims to have been recorded from original masters, where these still exist.

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