Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hawkwind "Epocheclipse: The Ultimate Best of"

Again, Oxfam have a lot to answer for. This time, though, I have hit paydirt, with a collection of fab tunes by everyone's favourite space-rockers. I reckon if charged with the job of compiling their greatest tunes onto one CD, I would pick a slightly different selection to this, but for people who want an easy introduction to this great band then this would be a great way to go. I'm particularly struck by how enjoyable the late-1980s track 'Night of the Hawks' sounds, this being the one where Lemmy played with the band for the first time since chemical differences forced him out of the line-up.

Out of curiosity, is there any interest out there in an introduction to Hawkwind CD-R?

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Andrew Sherman said...

The is a 3 cd version of Echo Eclipse which is perhaps too much of a good thing.