Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Pressing Question

If I wanted to help homeless people, what should I do?


Ammonite said...

Help them as in ease their suffering or help them as in stop them being homeless?

If it's the first: volunteering at a soup kitchen/shelter; donations to food banks/charities;just giving someone you see a hot water bottle/warm scarf/food seem the be the main options.

If it's the second: I have no idea.

Chris Gilmour said...

Buy them a coffee and chat for half an hour, its makes them a little more human and gets them engaged in society one more than otherwise.

Become a private landlord and make your accomodation available to the council for rehousing homeless folk.

Trish Byrne said...

If you're thinking of volunteering at Simon or Shelter or Focus Ireland, remember that tey will want you to make a 12-month commitment, because I think they put a fair bit of training into you.

ian said...

I'd kind of like to help homeless people without having to interact with them, which obviously makes me a bad person.

Anonymous said...

So making a donation, either once off or regularly through direct debit, to one of the homeless charities that Trish mentions might be the best option for you. Angela

Anonymous said...

You should put some change in a small plastic bag and keep that as your homeless people change that you will give to homeless people.

If the homeless person is busking then you shouldn't give them any money because that means you expect homeless people to perform for money. (but not all buskers are homeless. The above only applies to homeless buskers. but you can't give homed buskers more money than homeless non-buskers because this may mean you want the homeless-non-buskers to perform for you)