Thursday, March 05, 2015

Where do you listen to music?

How do you listen to music? Where do you listen to music? Answers to these questions are key to our relationship with music. These days I listen to a lot of music on my iPod, but what I listen to is very constrained by the situations in which I listen. When I am walking to work, I want up-tempo music that is going to encourage me walk briskly and not dawdle. When I am listening to music before going to sleep I want relaxing sounds that will not challenge my brain. I have created playlists to cater to these two situations. When I add music to iTunes, if it gets into a playlist for one of these situations then it will get listened to. Otherwise not so much, at least not on the iPod.

In Panda Mansions we have the stereo set up in one room, but I tend to spend a lot of my time in the library-study, working away on my Important Project. We talk sometimes of rigging up speakers in the library-study, but it has not happened yet, so if I am sitting there I sometimes listen to music on an iPod (though not so much, as I find headphones a bit distracting if I am working), sometimes I play the radio on my computer (RTE Lyric or one of the BBC music stations), and sometimes I play nothing. My beloved does not feel the need for ambient music in the same way that I do, so often the only accompanying sound is the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard or the sound of the street outside. Other times I can hear the sound of Georgian music wafting from the other room, either as my beloved gives the Basiani record another listen or plays songs on her computer that she is trying to learn.

It bothers me sometimes that I have all this recorded music that I ostensibly like but do not seem to listen to that much. I am always talking about taking steps to deal with this.

And you? Where, when and how do you listen to music?

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John Braine said...

I completely and obsessively overdosed on music when I was younger. And now, sadly don't listen to much at all. I always have my iPod on but mostly podcasts and audiobooks.

The rare moments I'm home alone, I still play some vinyl though.

Other than that most likely scenario I listen to music is when we have visitors.

And now that I think about it I ritually listen to music instead of podcasts/books when I am going to buy beer.

Sometimes when I'm working also.

And when cycling home from a pub.

Oh and in the shower on bluetooth speaker.

Actually this "when I listen to music" list is much bigger than I thought it would be.

nlgbbbblth said...

Home - CDs and vinyl in my room. Speakers. If I am cooking, CDs in the kitchen.

Driving - CDs on the car stereo.

Walking - Discman.

Public transport - Discman.

Don't own an iPod or smart phone.

What does the I stand for?

ian said...

Not sure if the i in iPod stands for anything. The BBC investigated this phenomenon a while back:

ian said...

John - quite taken with the idea that listening to podcasts when going to buy beer could lead to adverse beer purchasing outcomes.