Friday, August 23, 2013

I went to Cork

Cork is Ireland's second largest city. It has everything Dublin has, and more. I went there and took some pictures.

Found.. is being well looked after
Someone found a dog. It is being well looked after.

I also went up Shandon Hill. This is a mysterious old neighbourhood to the north of the city centre.

Mother Jones
I saw a plaque to Mother Jones, the American labour activist. She was born in Cork.

Fishy Church
Shandon is famous for the church at the top of the hill, over which there is a weathervane in the shape of a fish. I have long suspected that the church serves a congregation of Deep One hybrids.

There were loads of flags flying from ropes connected to the church.

Loads of flags.

I did not photograph anywhere else in Cork.


An inuit panda production

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