Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad Film: Badlands

This is one of those legendary films you hear about, and it was being shown in the IFI. The music in it is great (lots of classical composers, including pieces by Carl Orfe), but the plot and characterisation lead a lot to be desired. The former is of "and then another thing happens" school, while the actions of the characters seem largely lacking in any kind of internal logic, though I liked the acting. So readers - Terence Malick, a director I can assign to the bin marked "overrated rubbish"?

this is another post that did not quite make it into Frank's APA


Andrew Sherman said...

Forget Terence Malick, Sissy Spacek is what that movie is about.

ian said...

She is always watchable, in an idiot savant kind of way.

what happened to her career?