Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boring NaNoWriMo update #9

I've slacked off a bit this weekend – I wasn't in the form for writing yesterday, and I kept managing to do other things today (like write about NaNoWriMo writing, which is what I am doing now). My running total is now only a paltry 17,801 words, way less than it should be at this half-way point.

Nevertheless, I got this. As you know, I am kind of busy next week, but I will still squeeze some writing in each evening. I also intend to get up slightly early each morning before work, and I reckon I can probably get a bit done at lunchtime each day. Stakhanovite labour on Friday* and next weekend should see me back on target.

*apologies in advance to anyone I know playing in a band next Friday night.


accentmonkey said...

I will beat you! You will never win against me! This Friday... it all goes... DOWN!

ian said...