Monday, November 17, 2008

Help the cap'n

So tell me, what should I think of the band Tilly & The Wall? I nearly went to see them when they came here recently; I decide against it because seeing a band just because they have a 30 Years War general in their name and attractive (if garishly dressed) young ladies on their poster is not always a good idea. But then I read about them in local music magazine The State. The detail I was most struck by was that instead of having a drummer, they handle percussion by tap-dancing on stage. This must surely make them either the greatest live band ever, or a band so astonishingly bad that the freakshow aspect alone would justify the price of admission. So tell me, readers, what did I miss?


Ray said...

they have a website with videos

Anonymous said...

Aw, you missed a really exciting, fun, smile-inducing show! Even though I think they've gotten more garish and cartoonish over the years, I still think that they put on one of the most fun, genuine, inclusive, and energetic shows ever. There is something really sweet about them. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Every one of the band members really performs. There are no wallflowers in the band. I love that there are three women singers and they have pretty good voices too. Well, Jamie, the tap dancer, sings/yells backing vocals while she dances. They create this great feeling of community and you can't help but feel like you're part of their gang when you see them live. Don't miss it when they come back!