Monday, November 24, 2008

The Sisters of Mercy "Some Girls Wander By Mistake"

I bought this so I can add the tracks to the iPod, already having the album on vinyl from years ago (and most of the tracks on that as 12" singles). This compiles all the Sisters of Mercy stuff from before their first album, and is full of deadly tunes like 'Alice', 'Floorshow', 'Adrenachrome', and so on. You probably do not like this kind of music, and maybe it has a certain "you had to be there" quality, but I like it. I particularly enjoy interesting to listen to gothic music from before the scene was thoroughly metalised, from when the music still nodded towards post-punk and had a bit of a dancefloor edge to it. The music is nevertheless very spare on many of these tracks. The drum machine technology then available was very basic, and the arrangements mostly eschew the lush orchestrations of the albums.


Andrew Sherman said...

In the temple of love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE? Much better than when they were pwoper wock stars.

ian said...

You are right, of course. I forgot to mention that the copy of SGWBM I got came in a double pack with Vision Thing, their somewhat comedic RAWK album.

That said, of the actual SOM albums, the best is probably Floodlands, though the now deleted album by The Sisterhood either beats it or runs it a close second.