Thursday, November 13, 2008

Attention Stalkers!

This is a post for my obsessive fans, the ones who want to follow me around everywhere I go over the next week. To make things easier for you, I thought I'd post my programme here.

Tomorrow evening (Friday the 14th) I am off to the Project, to see an adaptation for the theatre of Nikolai Gogol's The Nose. The poster has a little dog in it, so I have great expectations for this play.

On the evening of Saturday the 15th my itinerary takes me all the way to Sugar Club, where the US-Khmer sensations Dengue Fever are playing. Dengue Fever sound like the kind of exciting foreign band that never plays Dublin, so actually getting them here is very exciting. I'm hoping they have some of their records for sale (Dublin record shops seem to operate a No-Dengue-Fever policy) and that the place is full of real fans, not event people.

Sunday the 16th brings me to the IFI, for a Barbet Schroeder film being shown in the French film festival. It is called Inju, la BĂȘte dans l'Ombre, and is an adaptation of a piace by the writer Edogawa Rampo. I've been interested in this Japanese fellow for some time. Apparently he writes in a tradition bearing some relationship to American Gothic, only set in Japan, and he was so inspired by Edgar Allan Poe that he adopted a Japanese version of his name. I'm curious as to whether this will turn out to be a piece of crazy extremism like Audition, only in French.

Monday the 17th brings me to my Spanish class.

Tuesday the 18th is thus far free in my diary, so my deranged stalker fans can take the night off.

On Wednesday the 19th I will be back in the IFI for more French film action. This film is called Capitaine Achab, and tells the life story of Captain Ahab from Moby Dick. Yarrr. Now that I think of it, it is maybe significant that Herman Melville does not give Ahab a back story in the book, but I am a sucker for The Sea.

On Thursday the 20th I will be popping into Trinity for a seminar to launch a book of papers I heard delivered at a conference on Palestinian stuff ages ago. See my other blog for a series of dull write-ups.

And that is as far into the future as I can see.

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