Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hewn From The Living Rock

Last weekend I got my friend William to drive me and my beloved (and William's dog and child) round to look at some megalithic sites in greater Dublin. We were using Julian Cope's The Megalithic European (and an ordnance survey map) to orient us, and we eventually were able to visit the Broadleas Stone Circle (also known as The Pipers' Stones) and the Racecourse Stone. We managed to see the Punchestown Stone, but we could not go up to it, because it was in field with some feral zombie horses.

We also ate our lunch.

I took some photos of all this, but I have not mastered this posting pictures on the Internet thing you hear about, so you will have to take my word for it.


Anonymous said...

Get a flickr account already, you nutter! It's waaaaay easier to sign up for and use than, like, MySpace and Facebook. And it's all about pictures. Easy peasy.

Justin Mason said...

hey, don't forget the one in the Tapir enclosure in Dublin Zoo. That's pretty easy to get to ;)

Ray said...

William has some pictures up (already, you lazy git)

ian said...

stop telling me what to do, you facists!