Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Trip to Bruxelles

I do not mean the town, but the pub in Dublin. I found myself there before Christmas, after a meal with my old classmates. We made our way to the Heavy Metal room, in which we were the only people not clad in leather miniskirts and chainmail bikinis (and that was just the guys!*). The DJ played loads of great Metal tunes, many of which had the punters punching the air and grunting along. Handily, one of my spymates knows all about metal and was able to explain who the tunes were by and what Metal subgenres had spawned them. My favourite was perhaps the one by MANOWAR, in which the band sing about how much they love Metal. I wish I knew the lyrics to that one, I can tell you. I was also interested by a tune that belonged to the genre of Power Metal – it seemed like a cross between SLAYER and Queen, in that it had the operatic vocals Queen would sometimes use, but with much heavier and faster guitar sounds.

So yeah, deadly stuff. It did get me thinking a bit, though, about the ROCK JIHAD club we are always thinking of going to. ROCK JIHAD is meant to be a club of big, dirty, rock sounds, but I suspect there is an air of irony to it, given its hipster clientele. Would people not be better off heading to Bruxelles for the Real Deal?

*thank you, I'm here all week.

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