Saturday, January 19, 2008

World's Saddest Book Found

You know the way gamers have a reputation for being sad men who find it difficult to relate to women? This will no longer be the case now that THE BOOK OF EROTIC FANTASY has been released. This seems to be a supplement to popular game Dungeons & Dragons dealing with sex and suchlike. A cursory investigation suggests that it might appeal to people whose erotic fantasy is pictures of womens' breasts.



CarsmileSteve said...

did you listen to the other week's freaky trigger and the lollards of pop? tom discussed, in possibly too much depth, the whole topic of RPGs and teh s3x

ian said...

I don't really do all that podcast stuff, but that sounds like an essential one.

Howard said...

This has been about for a good four or more years. The hilarious thing is that it's actually a second edition. The first edition was brought out by some small press or other, and proved so vastly popular that White Wolf (the people who hire me, to my shame) commissioned a second edition. Which also turned out to bee a big seller.