Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Why do American politicians feel so obliged to pose in public with their stupid families?

Picture from the BBC: Edwards abandons White House race


string bean jen said...

So that just does not ever happen in Ireland? It seems obvious to me, even if I don't agree with it, but they want to show us that they are 'grounded' family people, that they share our values, and that there are more important things to them than mere politics.

Yep, nearly every politician likes to get a few camera angles in with their family. I've been getting SO MUCH propaganda in the mail lately because of the upcoming primary. Most of the candidates (for senator, circuit court judge, etc.) have pictures posed with their families on their materials!

rener said...

The posing-with-teh-fambly thing isn't really done in Irish politics, which is a relief given the general level of attractiveness of most Irish politicians.

In an ideal world, politicians would only have their photos taken with their pets. This would greatly assist my decision-making at election time.

ian said...

What she said. Bear in mind also that Ireland has been led for the last age by a man separated from his wife, who was for much of that time involved with another woman.

Irish politicians do sometimes pose with their children, but usually because they are training in the youngster to take over their seat.

Ray said...

NB. the man separated with his wife was involved with another woman. His wife was not.
As far as I know.