Saturday, January 26, 2008

Robyn: Live

Robyn is a Swedish woman who sings to an electropop beat. I saw her play live in Dublin ages ago. I was unfamiliar with her music, but was relieving a friend of a spare ticket. In the end this gig was only OK. It's not that I am allergic to electropop, far from it, but I spent a lot of this gig thinking how much better it would be if one of the electropop acts I actually like were playing. Like Ladytron. Mmm. That said, Robyn may have been suffering from how far back we were (KevLol is weird and likes being at the back for concerts).

Still, there were some interesting features to all this. Robyn is only averagely attractive, yet she carries herself like she is some kind of sex goddess, and the crowd are happy to indulge herself in this. Indeed, the crowd plainly worship her and hang off her every word. This kind of fronting is definitely impressive.

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