Monday, June 25, 2007

Love "Forever Changes"

I was in a record shop and there was this amazing psychey music being played, so I wandered over to the counter and it was this. So I bought it, but not there and then. I get the impression at times that everyone in the world except me has a copy of this, so maybe talking about it too much is irrelevant. But I will do so anyway, to an extent. The album opens with 'Alone Again Or', a track I think of as the big Love song. It is noticeably less good than the rest of the album, overcompensating in horn flourishes for the lack of a great tune; its being written by the band's minority songwriter might be significant. The rest of the album is excellent, a kind of melodic and polished psyche making much of Arthur Lee's measured vocal tones.

And then bonus tracks attack. Most of the bonus tracks are actually perfectly enjoyable, but then there is one where the band have an unfunny Spinal Tap style argument in the studio. I never understand why record companies think that releasing this kind of shite is a good idea.

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Jason said...

Keep listening my friend. You just stumbled upon greatness.