Monday, June 18, 2007

Ladytron "Witching Hour"

Wood was bigging this up. I love Ladytron so I made Irene buy it. It is probably not as good as Light & Magic, at this stage probably one of my top ten albums of all time, but it does the storming 'Destroy Everything You Touch' on it, which I love.

People often talk about how attractive the lady Ladytrons are, but I feel that more should be said about the terrifying moustache Mr Ladytron A has. I couldn't be arsed posting a picture... track down this thing of wonder yourself using the magic of Google.

I think I first heard of Ladytron when Chris "Stramash" Taylor put 'Seventeen' on a compilation tape.


Justin Mason said...

hey Ian --

never mind those two -- what about 604? amazing album! I love the Ladytrons. In fact, for a short while I too wore a 'tache like his...

I blogged an interesting 'tron rarity over here btw:

ian said...


I really must get broadband. Is that the cover version that's on Softcore Jukebox?

I've never really warmed to 604. My theory is that the first Ladytron album you get imprints on you.

Justin Mason said...

It's actually a live rendition, with a bit more vim... played in full-on rock and roll style. you can't miss it.