Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have updated my links to other blogs and deleted links to ones that do not pass muster, as part of my commitment to bring YOU only the very greatest of the world's other blogs. Just in case you are reading this out in blog aggregator land, and thus never actually see Inuit Bikini Scarlet Carwash in all its true glory, I now present you with a list of all the other blogs to which I currently link, and a brief description of each.

:-) means they link to me
:-| means they do not link to anyone
:-( means they link to other people but not to me

LiveJournal Syndication of Inuit Bikini Scarlet Carwash :-)
This is a Live Journal feed of this blog; handy for people who only read things in LiveJournal.

Hunting Monsters :-)
My incredibly interesting other blog.

The Dublin School of International Relations :-)
This is a Spy School group blog. Everyone who writes for it has at least one other blog. This explains its lack of updates.

Extracts of Thought :-)
First blog to ever link to me, hence its appearance in pole position here. Extracts of Thought is written by Idleberry, whom I know from the Internet.

Accentmonkey Is Ainm Dom :-)
Accentmonkey is an old friend from college and a member of Frank's APA.

Percy's Depressed :-)
This is written by Queenie, an OFFC and a member of Frank's APA.

The John Heron Project :-)
This is a group blog written by people who include Wood, a member of Frank's APA and someone I know from the Internet.

Sunshine Pop :-)
I know Sharon from the Internet. She is one of those knitters.

Optimuscrime London :-)
Another person from the Internet. He needs to update more often.

Andrew Sherman's blog :-)
Andrew Sherman is from Chester, though he does not live there.

Conceits :-|
Mr Henry the Cow is a member of Frank's APA.

Carsmile Steve :-|
Carsmile Steve is a former member of Frank's APA. I know him originally from the Internet.

Thinking Outside the Helicopter :-|
Leedy is an OFFC.

Per Stratagem Ad Gaudium :-)
Ammonite is a special OFFC.

Fattening Frogs For Snakes :-)
Paul is a member of Frank's APA and a fellow student in Spy School.

Persis Khambatta Skiing In The Negev :-)
Kealo is a member of Frank's APA and a fellow student in Spy School.

Click Opera :-|
I know Momus primarily through the Internet, even though he does not write for it anymore. You might know him through the many records of selective appeal he has released. Of all the blogs I link to, Click Opera is one of the very few that I actually recommend.

Chris Gilmour's Diary :-(
I know Mr Chris Gilmour from the Internet. This is somewhat ironic, as he has been banned from there for some time now.

Doklands :-|
Dok is a former member of Frank's APA. This is one of those MP3 blogs.

This ain't KFC, baby :-|
I have been linking to this blog under false pretences, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. The blog seems not uninteresting, but unless I discover who this person is it will probably be disappearing to the hell that is my Bloglines listing

Popular :-|
Former member of Frank's APA and the Internet is working his way through every British number one single ever.

Old Style Rabbit Tales Of Furry Fury :-(
SebCatLitter is a member of Frank's APA. Joana is not.

PopJustice :-|
This is a blog about pop music… you know, that stuff young people like.

John Moore :-|
John Moore used to be in Black Box Recorder and the Jesus And Mary Chain. He is currently pursuing a number of projects.

Rowan Tree and Red Thread :-|
Myles Corcoran is an OFFC.

Press '1' to Bun Dem :-|
I know whatever the writer of this blog is currently calling himself through OFFCs.

Knut's blog :-|
Knut is a polar bear who lives in the Berlin zoo.

From the Heart of Europe :-(
NHW is the brother of an OFFC. He lives in Brussels and does important things (like watching a lot of Doctor Who).

Cope :-(
James Wallis founded Frank's APA, but is no longer a member of it.

Undersea Community :-)
This is another one of those MP3 blogs, this time by OFFC JMason23 and others.

Masonic Boom :-|
I know Masonic Boom from the Internet.

Meehawl – all that is solid melts into air :-|
I know Meehawl through OFFCs. If you are interested in Female Clown Bathtup Shark Porn then his blog is a must.

Living the Rainbow Nation :-(
I know Riona from Spy School. She is on a field placement in South Africa.

It has taken me an age to compile this. The lesson – that I link to too many blogs.


dok said...

Alas, much as I might like to be, I am not Doctor Pop. Have spent the last few minutes reading through Click Opera which, as you say, is very good indeed. Can I make this three sentences in a row with hanging clauses? Er, no.

Trish Byrne said...

I for one greatly appreciate the time you spend updating your links, because it means I don't have to bother and can just whizz through your list of people whenever I'm looking for something to read.

ian said...

Dok, I have amended the This Ain't KFC entry in light of your comments. Just checking, you are a former member of Frank's APA?

Justin Mason said...

goddamnit -- I just went through the blogroll links, too! appy polly loggies, remedying now...

Justin Mason said...

ps: "Press 1 to Bun Dem" is a genius title.

ian said...

I find it a bit hard to understand.

dok said...

Ian, I am indeed the former Frankie better known as Pete Strover. Someone has to, after all.