Friday, June 22, 2007

Charlie Parker [some not obviously titled record from Fopp]

Charlie Parker plays that jazz music. This is an interesting record, and very enjoyable, but maybe it is difficult in retrospect to see what people considered so groundbreaking about Parker's work. But that's not to run these enjoyable sounds down.

I may have always known the name Charlie Parker (wasn't he a friend of Ben Rowlinson?), but it was the Ken Burns "Jazz" documentary that made me interested in acquiring music by him. It made him seem like a kind of doomed figure, almost gothic in his devotion to heroin and music, an image oddly belied by his cheery appearence in any footage of him they had.

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Queenie said...

One of the politicians I work for is called Charlie Parker. He's a garden centre owner from Pictou county, which is conservative Presbyterian country. He don't own no saxaphone or nothin'.