Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crimes Against Pop

I went to a club called Crimes Against Pop in that London, largely through inertia as other people I knew were going. CAP is one of those pop-music-for-indie-kids clubs. It takes place in a somewhat divey basement club that does not have any beer on draught – the place is cheap in but if you care for a drink then you will end up severely out of pocket. I was reminded yet again of what good value illegal death drugs are.

The music, well it's grand. Things like this are great for getting an impression of what the young people like. I also got to dance to 'WE! ARE! YOUR FRIENDS!'. although it did seem like a somewhat lame remix version. The place got very full as the evening wore on so we lost interest and made our long way home.

There was one great moment, when some piece of insane electropop madness was rocking the floor…. And then I caught a snatch of lyrics and realised the singer was saying 'Let's make love and listen to Death From Above'. So I was hearing Brazilian sensations CSS for the first time. Now I know why people go on about that track, it is awesome. And I heard Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' song for the first time. I was struck by her voice's somewhat comedic qualities and the derivativeness of the tune, but it seemed to strike something of a chord with the many people present who were drinking to excess. I wonder will alcoholism become the new smoking?

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