Monday, June 04, 2007

Are you a former member of Frank's APA?

If so, then maybe you have searched the internet for "Frank's APA" and found this page. And so you might be interested to hear that that the APA's 100th issue is coming out this September. Maybe you would like to receive a copy of it and/or contribute to it? If so, drop me a line. If you are someone who dropped out because I was subjecting you to monstrous persecutions then cheer up, as I am no longer running things. You may be able to find more convivial members of the APA here: Richard Is Stranger Than Judy

(n.b. - my researches indicate that there have been at least two APAs called Frank's APA. I am talking about the one about music founded in the early 1990s by James Wallis)

If you do not know what Frank's APA is, move along. I intended when starting this blog to talk about that august institution in some detail at some stage... still not got round to it.

UPDATE (22 Sept 2007): We are making more concerted efforts to contact the former members of Frank's APA, as the deadline for 100th issue is getting very close now. If you are a former member of Frank's APA, please send a mail to either me (address to the right) or to central mailer William Crump ( his surname and first initial at ) and we can fill you in on the score.

Please also check the list of everyone who has ever been in Frank's APA here. If you have contact details for anyone with whom we have not yet been in touch, can you pass them on to one of us?

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