Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Live Music] Rocket From The Crypt

I went to see this lot playing in a pretty packed Button Factory. They are this somewhat punkish US band who wear matching shirts and have a brass section. I came away from them thinking "Why don't all bands have brass sections?" But I also thought "Why have a band called 'Rocket from the X' if you are not going to play the likes of 'Ain't It Fun'?" by Rocket From The Tombs. I bet they love people saying this.

It is now a month or two since I saw this concert. While I certainly enjoyed the music, the thing I most remember about it is a story told by frontman Speedo (his real name) that began the last time they played in Dublin. After their show he was wandering around town taking in the sights when someone, deliberately or accidentally, pushed him out onto the road and into the path of traffic. A car (a taxi, I think he said) ploughed into him, leaving him with severe injuries. A random passerby brought him to hospital for treatment. Mr Speedo unfortunately did not have medical insurance and was poor in the way that rock and rollers generally are, but this random passerby picked up the tab for his treatment and put him up during his rather long convalescence, all out of the goodness of his heart. Stories like that make me think that theories of the fundamental badness of people are rather exaggerated.

'Ain't It Fun'

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