Friday, June 15, 2012

A short review of a Cate Le Bon album

Cate Le Bon has new album. And I have a copy. It is called Cyrk. If that is a word in Welsh then it is the only part of the album that I have noticed being in Ms Le Bon's native tongue. Taken as a whole the album is similar yet different to her previous Me Oh My record. The big difference to me is that it does not have the doomy quality so noticeable on many of the last album's tracks. Many of the songs on Cyrk sound actually a bit perky. The songs generally might also have less angular strangeness to them. That could be taken as a criticism or as a suggestion that Le Bon has sold out or gone commercial or something, but I think we are still in proper Cate Le Bon territory. Her voice remains the same, soaring and characterful, and her playing and that of the band is immaculate.

'Fold The Cloth' is the immediate standout track here, but maybe I am just saying that it because I saw her perform it on the Guardian website before I heard the album. Also interesting is a piece called 'Greta', where she seems to go all Broadcast-Ghostbox on us.

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