Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Bears In Danger!

Astonishing footage (preceded by annoying ad for beer*) has appeared showing a little bear cub trapped inside a garage in America when the automatic door closed. The little bear climbed up on things and called out to its mother, who forced open the door to rescue it.

You can see this important footage (and annoying ad for beer) here

Bear cubs seem to be no strangers to dangerous situations. In 2010, footage emerged of a bear cub that managed to get itself caught in a fishing net. Its mother eventually was able to bite through the net and free the cub. Footage of this event (and annoying ad for beer*) can be seen here.

Here is a picture of a bear cub who was not in any form of danger when the picture was taken:

image source

*other jurisdictions may see different annoying ad, or maybe no advertisement at all.

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