Friday, June 22, 2012

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW "Darkness At Noon"

This is a record by those people who were at the last ATP playing music as accompaniment to a showing of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by that crazy Armenian guy (whose name is Sergei Parajanov). The music is like what you would expect if you had a vague understanding of what this lot do. It is a bit folky in an Eastern European frantic gypsy kind of way.

Except - there is this strange moment in the middle of it, on this track called 'Goodbye to Great Britain', where it all goes a bit soundscapey, like it is one of those tracks you get on Acid Jazz albums called 'London, England'. I mean, for the brief few minutes of the track you could be listening to a Corduroy album track, or maybe one of those soundtrack records like Barry Adamson used to make. But the moment is short, the next track is the short 'Our Lady of the Vltava', in which Mr Hawk And A Hacksaw sings while someone plays the piano, and then it launches back into gypsy folky mentalism with 'Wicky Pocky'.

And then, when you think it is all back into a settled groove, you go onto the closing track, 'Portlandtown', a strangely elegiac piece. I don't know if when this record was made they had it in mind to do soundtracks for films about Ukrainian yokels in the olden tymes, but this record already sounds like it would be perfect for it.

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