Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eugene Moloney

Eugene Moloney memorial
Last weekend I was cycling down Camden Street when I passed the junction with Pleasant Street, noticing some Guards milling around and an area sealed off with crime-scene tape. And a tent erected by the traffic light, within the cordon. Not good, I thought.

Later I read that Mr Eugene Moloney had been walking by there in the small hours of the night before, after a night out in the centre of Dublin, when he got into an altercation and received a blow to the head that caused his death. I did not know Mr Moloney, but the incident struck a chord with me, as the route he was taking home is one I have often walked while coming home from events in the city centre.

Eugene Moloney memorialIt is cruelly ironic that Mr Moloney died outside one of Dublin's most attractive pubs, somewhere that would have been long closed by the time he came by there.

Eugene Moloney memorialPeople, presumably Mr Moloney's friends and family, have left memorial items at the traffic light near to where he met his end.
Eugene Moloney memorial


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