Monday, October 19, 2009

"Sweet Tooth" #2, by Jeff Lemire

OK, let's not hold back here – this is a work of genius. As mentioned previously, this is the one about the little boy with antlers and a faun-like face (and hooves, I've just noticed). Sudden violence has saved him from the sticky end his last issue, and now he has fallen in with a tough man who might or might not have his best interests at heart. From him we learn a bit more of what's going on (some kind of plague or something that is killing off all the normals but leading to births of weird hybrids like the boy who are immune). That said, we only have the tough guy's word for this, so anything could really be happening.

This is about atmosphere as much as plot, so, even if you think my outline sounds like the usual rubbish, I urge you to seek out this title.

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