Friday, October 30, 2009

Fortran 5 "Bad Head Park"

I bought this from Oxfam for one track: 'Layla (Derek Sings Derek)'. It is a cover of the Derek and the Dominos classic, with the vocals by Derek Nimmo, created by sampling him saying the words separately in various sitcoms. It ends up sounding like he has no trousers on and is afraid that the vicar is going to walk up the drive – only he is the vicar. One day I hope to hear the other song where Fortran 5 play this game – 'Bike (Sid Sings Syd)' (where judicious sampling makes Sid James provide vocals for 'Bike' by Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd).

Other tracks include 'Fire In The Sky', a rave tune reminiscent of 'Smoke On The Water', boasting a wonderfully ominous vocal sample, and another piece called 'Choppers' with what sounds like the same guy delivering a looped report about helicopters flying by. I like all the named tracks, but fear that this early rave classic may not be fated to remain in Panda Mansions.

panda lady


The Smoking Cupcake said...

Ask and you shall receive:

ian said...

wheh wheh wheh.