Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Batman & Robin" #5, by Grant Morrison, Philip Tan, and Jonathan Glapion

So Batman (now Dick Grayson, who used to be Robin) and Robin (this scary kid called Adam, Bruce Wayne's son by the daughter of sinister oriental mastermind Ra's Al-Ghul) find themselves fighting against the Red Hood and the Red Hood's creepy kid sidekick, only to discover that he is none other than Jason Todd, who used to be the second Robin. But wait, wasn't Robin dead? I seem to recall the Joker beating him to death with a monkey wrench, in a story where comics readers got to vote on whether he lived or died. Well of course, this is in the world of superhero comics, where no death is permanent. It seems as though he found his way into one of these Lazarus Pit things that bring the dead back to life.

I am beginning to wonder about this title… it is getting a bit too into continuity bullshit, and like many Morrison stories it is a bit hard to follow. Still, I will probably keep buying it on autopilot.

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