Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nik Turner – live

This concert by the former Hawkwind sax sensation marked the first time I made my way to Dublin's legendary rock venue Fibber Magees. Unfortunately, the passage of time and a few too many sherries on the night mean that I cannot tell you too much about it. I recall liking the support acts. Sketchy entries in my notebook suggest that they were Ugly Megan ("semi-electronic") and Goodtime John ("folkie").

Nik Turner himself came on pretty late, meaning that I was not on top of my game the next day. As is his wont, the composer of 'Brainstorm' did not play any Hawkwind tunes, or anything that sounded like a Hawkwind tune, instead playing an odd confection of good natured tunes. I cannot say how well it went down with the attendees generally, but I enjoyed it.

More recently, friends of mine were at a wedding, and the wedding band was... Nik Turner! I think this is primarily an indication of how amazing the wedding was.

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Justin Mason said...

Yes, it _was_ an amazing wedding! I'm very happy to have been able to say I saw a one-time Hawkwind member live on stage at a mate's shindig.