Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Criminal: The Sinners" #1, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Wow, these guys are really going for it, it seems like only ten minutes since the final issue of Incognito, the limited series about a supervillain on witness protection finished. This sees them return to the crime title they seem most at home on, with the issue number once more set back to #1. This brings back Tracy* Lawless, the sulky badass from the title's second story. Having deserted from the US army, he now finds himself working as a hitman for some shady crime lord. Lots of grim stuff happens, but this one seems to have more in the way of dark humour than previous episodes, which does rather lighten the mood. It also features the identikit Brubaker-Phillips lady character (in this book, the boss's wife, with whom Lawless is predictably having an affair), although this time they are trying to establish her individuality by giving her blonde hair. Anyway, it's all a bag of fun, with a great OMG last frame. And a big essay on some Sam Peckinpah film, which I have not read yet.

*you might think Tracy is a girl's name, but if you were to say this to Mr Lawless he would break every bone in your body.

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