Tuesday, November 06, 2007

film: "In the Shadow of the Moon"

I saw that film this evening. It is about the so-called moon landings, and features many interviews with the so-called astronauts the authorities claim to have landed there. They did mention those who suggest that the entire Apollo programme was plainly faked by the US government to divert attention from the Vietnam war, but only in a dismissive and off-hand manner.

If only they had looked at the real evidence. Do not follow that link if you are not open minded.


CarsmileSteve said...


i had totally forgotten that fake moon landings website :) it is teh grate, as the young people say.

Andrew Sherman said...

They have some very convincing arguments

Chinn said...

so fake they're tan

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the Fortean Times issue, where, quite seriously, they tackled each of the fake moon landing arguments in turn with, you know, evidence and stuff?

ian said...

I think I saw that in the shop but did not buy it... while I approve of the Fortean Times, I seldom go so far as to actually read it.

I reckon two things about why people think the moon landings are faked. Firstly, the moon looks really strange. Because it is so much smaller, you can often visibly see the curvature on it in photographs, so it just does not look real. Thus the mind subconsciously makes you doubt what you are seeing, even though photos from the moon's surface look strange because they were taken on another world.

Secondly, people are very impressionable. I suspect strongly that no one doubted the moon landings prior to Capricorn One, just as no one thought the world was ruled by secret lizards before V.