Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tom Murphy

I read yesterday that the actor Tom Murphy has just died. You might know him as one of the eponymous characters in Adam & Paul. I knew Tom slightly in college, even treading the boards with him in a production of John Antrobus's Why Bournemouth? I never saw that much of his acting stuff since then (I still have not got round to seeing Adam & Paul), but he had seemed to have made something of a name for himself, winning Tony awards and stuff. I never begrudged him his success; this is not something I could say regarding the other people I knew back then who have gone on to greater things.


Chinn said...

wow. i have seen him in a couple of things. He was excellent. what happened he was so young?

Kealo said...
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Kealo said...

The Irish Times reported that he had died after a short illness, but it didn't specify.