Tuesday, October 02, 2007

None more Black

Once upon a time there were three guys in a band. Their names were Dead, EURONYMOUS, and COUNT GRISCHNACHK. Their band were called MAYHEM. After a while, Dead got a bit bored with being in a band, so he blew his head off with a shotgun. Then EURONYMOUS ate some of his brain. COUNT GRISCHNACHK also got bored with being in the band, so he left and formed his own called BURZUM. He also changed his name to VARG VIKERNES. EURONYMOUS would have been all sad being in the band on his own, so VARG stabbed him to death and was thrown in jail, where he lives happily after. So who is playing in the Button Factory (formerly the Temple Bar Music Centre) on the 29th November?



Kealo said...
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Kealo said...

If memory serves me correctly, Vikernes was never a permanent member and only played on their first album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas as a session musician. I have Burzum's first album, but it never did much for me. I was always put off by his Nazi views. Still doing time for Euronymous' murder, Vikernes makes ambient music and praises Vidkun Quisling.

Euronymous initially claimed to have eaten some of Dead's brain, but later admitted that he hadn't.

Michael Moynihan's Lords of Chaos is worth checking out if you're interested in finding out more. However, he is also a right-wing nut and exaggerates the prevalence of extreme views in the scene. While there is no doubt that some prominent members of the movement were neo-Nazis, they were a minority and by no means represented the views of everyone involved. Also, most of the violence associated with the scene only occurred in the early to mid-nineties. There is much more to black metal than church burnings and murder. Emperor, for one, have produced some great music. There are other bands, too numerous to mention, that are worthy of praise.

I can't make the gig, unfortunately, as I will be in Italy visiting some of the wife's family.

kvlol said...

I still can't believe your going to this. You're a Planxty fan for goodness' sake! They'll eat you ALIVE!

Little Joey Dick Shits said...

you've got it all wrong yo....

Ian Moore said...

I forgot to go to the concert, but I did see ATILA of MAYHEM play recently with (((SUNN-O))). He was dressed as a tree.

Anonymous said...

god ur dumb. Varg killed Aarseth "Euronymous" for many reasons
1. he owed Varg and Burzum a SHIT LOAD of money
2. Varg was jealous of friend Bard Eithun because Bard had killed a man, and Varg hadnt
3. Euronymous, the pansy ass bastard he was, planned on torturing and killing Varg with a electro-stun gun
4. Euronymous was gay. Varg did not like that at ALL

and also when Dead blew his brains off, the band members took bits of his skull and made necklaces

ian said...

Thanks for writing in, COUNT UGLUK.