Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"I've dropped my soup!"

A post on Thinking Outside The Helicopter has got me thinking that the above phrase needs to have a rude double meaning, kind of like "I've dropped my chips!" does. I have not worked out what this other meaning is yet.

Here, meanwhile, are some people who have "drunk their milk".

EDIT: If Sealion bukake is the kind of thing your boss disapproves of then stay away from that second link while at work.


mylescorcoran said...

'Sealion bukkake' is going to get you some pretty weird visitors redirected from Google.

I'm just saying.

ian said...

When I used to check sitemeter stuff about who reads this I noticed that I got a lot of pervertalists coming in from Google. Bring 'em on. Anyway, I am doing a service to the world by redirecting them to the Momus Lolz website.