Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seal Pup Breakout!

Back in January, when it got got very cold and stormy, a six week old seal-pup decided it had had enough of the stormy water. So it climbed up a steep banking into the lorry park of Cairnryan ferry port in south west Scotland. To save the little fellow from being run over by trucks, he was put into the boot of a car. However, the pup did not like the enclosed space, so he dug his way out into the car and then watched out the storm from the car's dashboard.

The seal-pup has been named Smartie and has been building up his strength in Scotland's National Wildlife Rescue Centre, near Alloa, where he has also been making friends with other seals.

NOTE - normally it is very important not to try and pick up or interact with seal pups. Instead people should report ones that seem to be in trouble to their local wildlife rescuers and let the experts sort it out. In the case of Smartie, however, the Scottish SPCA advised the workers at Cairnryan to get the pup under cover as soon as possible, as he was in danger of being run over.

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