Saturday, February 16, 2013

Clever Cat Invests Wisely

Cats are not normally known for their intelligence, but Orlando is a cat is proving the doubters wrong. This astute feline has demonstrated a canniness when it comes to investing in stocks and shares.

The Observer newspaper had set up a competition whereby two teams were given £5,000 to invest in companies on the FTSE All-Share index, with the team having the highest valued shares over a year being the winner. One team consisted of professional wealth fund managers, the other a bunch of students.

Orlando also took part in this competition. He is not much of a team-player and so competed on his own. Orlando showed which stocks he wanted to buy by throwing his toys onto a grid representing the different companies.

At the end of the competition, the professionals had outperformed the students. However, the clear winner was none other than Orlando. The clever cat had played a long game, coming from behind in the last quarter to surge ahead of his bipedal rivals, finishing with shares worth more than 110% of the starting price.

It is not known if Orlando plans to pursue a career in financial investments. The Observer reports that he is unable to comment because of "a claws in his contract".


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