Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lush "Lovelife" [1995]

This was a friend's cast-off. It is maybe a bit unfair to review this as I have not actually listened to all of it, but I have heard enough. Maybe you dimly remember Lush? Their early stuff featured a lot of shimmery guitar stuff often combined with ethereal high-pitched lady vocals. This features none of that. I think it could maybe be described as their Britpop album, and it successfully manages to leave out everything that people liked about this band and instead give us a load of inconsequential songs about the Love Lives Of Women Today (or the love lives of women in 1995). It is all pretty inconsequential and will also be available from Oxfam in the near future.

Later - but then when playing my iPod through speakers a track called 'Last Night' came up on shuffle and sounded a lot more enjoyable in a wistful and somewhat sonically interesting way. So have I stumbled onto the album's one good track or does it just sound rubbish on iPod headphones?

An inuit panda production

Last Panda (follow this link, it features footage of a Panda playing with a snowman)


Kristin said...

I loved Lush back in the mid-late 90s. They had a special place in my heart, I remember reading interviews with Emma and Miki in Select and Vox, and coveting Miki's pillarbox red hair (while knowing if I did it, it would never look cool). But its not a sound that has stood the test of time, sadly.

ligne said...

Last Night really is a rather good pop song. i like it very much.

the rest of the album not bad, just not terribly exciting either.

ian said...

I remember that mid-late 1990s Lush were seen as being a bit of an addendum to early shoegaze Lush. I'm not sure how fair this was or if early shoegaze Lush were actually all that.