Monday, August 22, 2011

And dancing, and singing

Two very quick reviews of films I saw back in May in the Indian Film Festival.

If you ever wanted to see a film about a tough and mildly corrupt cop complete with song and dance routines then this is the film for you. It also features estranged brothers and a mother's heart being broken by her wayward son, star-crossed lovers, corrupt politicians, and a character so degenerate that he has become a drunk and adopted Western clothes.

This one is basically Shakespeare's Othello redone as a politics-gangster film set in Uttar Pradesh. As well as some truly great acting performances, it also features the shocking suggestion that maybe, just maybe, there are unmarried people out there who might sometimes engage in sexual activity with each other.

These are very short reviews I threw together at the last minute for Frank's APA. I hope to revisit these films at greater length in the future. I particularly hope to come back to Omkara, as it is a truly great piece of cinema that deserves a wider non-Indian reputation.

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