Sunday, August 14, 2011

Compilation Fun

v/a R--- C---'s Inmytunes 2010
v/a MMX
v/a "MMX"

End of year* compilations from people who may be your friends and are certainly mine. I have not had a chance to really digest these yet. I can say that MMX (like "MMX" from a gentleman I shall refer to as Mr W---) has persuaded me to add Joanna Newsom to my list of musical girlfriends, as it features the quite wonderful 'You & Me, Bess', a pleasantly meandering tune with understated vocals somewhat removed from the tuneless caterwauling I had been given to understand was Ms Newsom's normal stock-in trade. I will have to get the album now – and I understand it is not one to download as it features all kinds of treats for the eyes as well as the ears.

One of the other tracks from Mr W--- was impressing me with its uncompromising droning. It was really extreme, just the same note over and over again for ages. Then I realised that the CD was skipping.

Mr C---'s compilation, meanwhile, reveals that Simian Mobile Disco are way better than the hopeless indie band Simian from which they emerged.

*year being 2010. I have been working on these insightful comments for some time.

hello boys

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