Sunday, August 07, 2011

v/a "The Black Keys: Brotherhood"

There is not really too much to say about this. It is a compilation CD given away by Mojo (I buy it for the pictures, Your Honour). It is a compilation of tunes by The Black Keys and of other tunes that inspired them. So what, you might say. The really remarkable thing about this is that I had never heard about the Black Keys before. I am so out of touch with today's music that a popular band of the moment (who are apparently loved and praised by young and old) can rise to the top of the hit parade without making any impact whatsoever on Panda Mansions. They appear to be one of those bands where one guy sings and plays guitar while the other drums. They seem alright, but I am not sure I would bother getting that excited by them, and I reckon listening to them too much could turn you rockist.

An inuit panda production

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