Monday, July 25, 2011

When Paul McCartney Attacks

Paul McCartney Man on Fire
Paul McCartney, Wings, et al.
Mecca Macca discs 1 & 2

I must do an in-depth analysis of these and check which tunes feature on both collections. I mentioned Man on Fire a while ago – it was compiled by a guy in Points of Divergence, an alternate history APA I was in for a while, and is supposedly a compilation from another world where Paul McCartney never joined the Beatles and instead made his name primarily as a record producer, releasing the occasional piece of experimental electronica under his own name and occasionally dabbling with his own band. It is a stunning piece of work by the compiler, as he put together a CD booklet to go with the discs, with all the text therein all sticking to the conceit that this is a compilation of bits and bobs by a respected producer largely unknown outside muso circles.

But if this is a record that came my way ages ago, then why am I writing about it again? Basically because my interest in Paul McCartney has been revived again, thanks to the Macca Mecca compilations of McCartney relative obscurities from one of my correspondents in Frank's APA. There is surprisingly little overlap between the two sets – just 'Check My Machine', Front Parlour', 'Maybe I'm Amazed', 'Secret Friend', 'Summer's Day Song', 'Temporary Secretary', and 'What's That You're Doing?' appear on both. This may signify something.

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