Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sathanao "Bsossbum: Georgian Church and Sacred Music"

OK, first up, this record is not really called Bsossbum, but the Georgian characters for the performers (Sathanao) look a bit like the Roman characters B-S-O-S-S-B-U-M and some muppet entered it onto the iTunes Gracenotes database under that name. I've left it like that on my iPod because it is funny.

But what does the music sound like? Well, it is choral music. And if you have ever heard those Trio Bulgarka women who show up on Kate Bush records and advertisements for cider then you broadly will get the idea of the singing style on display here. Apparently Georgia and Bulgaria argue over who owns some of these songs, such is the similarity in the choral tradition across these Black Sea countries.

An inuit panda production


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