Sunday, July 31, 2011

Forbidden Fruit, Part 4 – Music Sounds Better Without You

The fourth and final part of my account of my attendance at the Forbidden Fruit festival.

If I did not have a ticket for both days I would not have gone back on Sunday, but as it was we decided to head down early to catch the Trinity Orchestra (i.e. the student orchestra of Trinity College Dublin) performing the album Discovery by Daft Punk. This rather did what it said on the tin, and was a big bag of fun. They may have cheated a bit by having a proper drum kit and electric guitars and bass, but it still was entertaining to hear those uplifting dance tunes played by different instruments. They also had people (perhaps from the Choral Society) doing vocals, both lead and backing. Of these I particularly loved the bloke doing the high vocals to 'One More Time' and then the closer 'Too Long' (for which he was joined by another bloke on high vocals). They also had a woman singing 'Digital Love', who was endearingly mad for it.

So basically, Trinity Orchestra = total awesomeness. I hope they do this Discovery show again sometime*. Maybe they could broaden their repertoire slightly and throw in Stardust's 'Music Sounds Better With You' or some tracks from the JUSTICE album as encores. But whatever they do, they're fine by me and were definitely worth trekking up to Kilmainham for.

After them, however, there was nothing on I wanted to see until the evening. And even the things on in the evening (Caribou, Battles, the Aphex Twin) were acts I would like to see, but I would not like to see them at Forbidden Fruit. So I cut my losses and went off with my beloved to have afternoon tea in Café Notto (catching them just before their erratic closing times) and then came home. After a bit we went out for a nice Indian meal, a far more pleasant way of spending the evening than enduring whatever questionable delights Forbidden Fruit had to offer us.

Looking back on Forbidden Fruit, I find myself feeling all nostalgic about Indietracks – a festival not full of wankers and run by people who have given some thought towards what makes for a good festival experience. Who knows, maybe I will be crawling back there again next year. I won't be crawling back to Forbidden Fruit.

* They did, but I was going to Richard Thompson that night.

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