Tuesday, March 15, 2011

U2 "The Best of 1990-2000"

My campaign to purchase U2 albums from charity shop, rip them to iPod, and then return them to charity shop continues. This is a collection of tunes from the period that started with the great critical success of Achtung Baby but then arguably saw the band largely lose their way and descend into a world of noodling and poncey music that alienated many of their fans. The tracks from Achtung Baby are the obvious stand-outs here, but I found myself very taken with 'Stay (Faraway So Close)' from Zooropa and 'Miss Sarajevo' from the album U2 released as The Passengers (because it was too far removed from the classic U2 sound). Both of these fan-alienating tunes have an appealing Eno-influenced sound that makes me contemplate spending actual money on the albums they came from.

After that we are into slide into shite territory with a lamer Batman film single and tunes from the rubbish Pop album. Fortunately the compilation is not entirely chronologically ordered, so after all the dullness it finishes with 'The Fly'.

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