Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bowlie 2: Concluding Remarks

I am writing about the recent(-ish) Bowlie 2 festival in Minehead, curated by Belle & Sebastian, the people who brought us the original Bowlie Weekender back in 1998. This is the last bit.

In overall terms Bowlie 2 was one of the better ATP events, with lots of fun music and way more girls than beardies attending. In that respect it was like the original Bowlie Weekender, which was also a largely chin-stroker-free event. However, in one respect my experience of attending it was rather different than with the first Bowlie. The original featured a cornucopia of new sounds available, and I came away from it with a load of new favourite bands that I had never heard of before the weekend. This time round, though, it was mostly old familiar artists who impressed.

It was also poignant to consider the passage of time since the first Bowlie (which took place in 1998, if I remember things correctly). Almost none of my friends who were at the original weekender were at its sequel, for various reasons (B&S apostasy, age, children, other commitments, etc.). This made me think again about how I stay the same while everything else changes around me.

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William said...

FWIW, I think the first one was 2000, because Trish and I both went to that one and only I went to the 2001 one.

ian said...

People tell me it was actually 1999.