Saturday, March 12, 2011

Non-stop action for people interested in things I write

Over on my other blog, I have posted not one but two posts:

1. Libya's Tantalising Archives: about the fun to be had should Gaddafi's regime fall and his archives become accessible.

2. Modelling Language Survival: about attempts to construct mathematical models to predict whether two languages can coexist in the one place at the same tyme.

Meanwhile, over on FA, the cryptically named comics website, I have written the following:

1. A review of The Devil's Trail, an apocalyptic gothic horror spaghetti western mashup.

2. A review of Grandville, Bryan Talbot's furry steampunk detective comic.

3. A review of #17 of Berlin, Jason Lutes' comic about people living in, eh, Berlin.

4. A review of #60 of DMZ, in which armed far right nutters stage a rebellion against the cockfarmers in the military-industrial complex.

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