Friday, March 18, 2011

Jane Weaver "The Fallen By Watch Bird"

This is another Bowlie 2 purchase. Jane Weaver was playing but due to a scheduling clash or a visit to the pub or something I ended up missing her but took a punt on her record anyway. It is co-production with the Finders Keepers label and we already have a track by her on their Bearded Ladies compilation, so she has form. Anyway, this record is amazing, living as it does on the boundaries of Sixties weirdo music, modern folk revivalism, and an almost occult level of doom. The latter is particularly apparent on the title track, itself part of a mini-suite with the two songs before it (which feature Finders Keepers favourite Susan Christie on vocal rambling).

In some respects I find myself lumping this record together with the wonderful Me Oh My by Cate Le Bon (who also appears on Bearded Ladies). That is just me being lazy, however, for all that they are both neo-folk records by women. Jane Weaver's voice is a bit more understated than Cate Le Bon's, while The Fallen By Watch Bird has a more avant-garde feel to it. However, if you liked one you would probably like the other, and this is the only serious rival to Cate Le Bon for my favourite album of 2010.

suitably deranged video:

An inuit panda production

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