Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fever Ray [untitled Fever Ray album]

Hey, what's this? Me buying a record released in the last two years? Surely some mistake! Anyway, as you know, Fever Ray is the one-person outfit of the woman from popular Swedish band The Knife. People have been gamely including tracks by The Knife and Fever Ray on compilations for me for some time now, and I have gamely been ignoring them, until recently. Then I started listening to these tracks and was impressed enough to pick up the Fever Ray record when I saw it marked down to a tenner.

And srsly, what is not to like here? Spooky electronic music, heavily treated vocals, and a general air of doomy art-ponce action like mama used to make – where has this been all my life? This is easily one of the best records I have heard all year, and it will not be long before I pick up more from the Fever Ray-Knife axis.

This album is apparently some kind of concept album about childhood, making it especially fascinating to those of us who were once children. I am not sure I would have noticed this had I not read it in an interview with Ms Ray, but keeping it in mind does add a certain something to the rather odd lyrics here.

Anyway, I recommend this album unreservedly, it is awesome. I think it might also make a good winter record. Time will tell.

An inuit panda production

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